10 Extensions That You Must Install In Your Google Chrome

In a Recent Research it was known that 43.12 % people around the world are now using Chrome Web Browser. This is all because of the fastest browsing experienced by the users. For more better and awesome experience to your browsing you have to download some extensions for chrome. Here are some top extensions for faster browsing experience.

Google Translate:

Google translate helps us to translate the foreign languages to the known languages. It has features like auto detecting the languages. So, it’s alot easy for the users. With Google Translate Extension you can any languages to the desired language. For example example Hindi to English or English to Chinese.

You can Download Here: Google Translate

Lightning New Tab:

Lightning New Tab For Chrome Extension Helps users the Lightning Fast Experience. It’s completely a Html5 based extension. It helps us to access our favorite websites in the mean time. It also provides themes, weather and fast search which make 10 millions users to download this chrome extension.

You can Download Here: Lightning New Tab

avast! Online Security:

We often face issues related to hacking. So,avast online security extension helps you recognise phising sites. It also helps users by showing whether the website is safe or not. It Collects data on phishing sites and warns if you visit them. It has features like website rating and Site URL auto correction feature which automatically redirects to original one.

You can Download Here: avast! Online Security

Screen Capture (By Google):

If we want to capture some web page or some region of the webpage this extension helps you to do that so. Even windows 7 has inbuild snipping tool for capturing the images. But by using the hot keys it will easier for users to capture the images of the web page through this extension.

You can Download Here: Screen Capture (By Google)

Proxy SwitchySharp:

Proxy SwithcySharp helps you to switch the proxy setting for the Chrome API without changing your LAN settings. You can switch the proxies with just single click. It Supports auto switching, which helps you to switch according to the URL rules.

You can Download it here: Proxy SwitchySharp

HTTPS Everywhere:

This extension helps us to encrypt the data from the websites. While using internet at public hotspots, there is a chance of session hijacking so it’s helps us to encrypt the data and keep your account secure even at public networks.

You can Download it here: HTTPS Everywhere

FVD Downloader:

This extension is to download the videos from all websites. It auto detects the media and asks users to whether download it or not. It downloads media from Metacafe,Facebook and other video sharing sites. But you can’t download YouTube videos due to Google web store policy

You can download it: FVD Downloader

Google Dictionary:

Is it difficult to find the meaning of the words, then Google dictionary helps you to find the meaning of the selected word instantly. All you have to do is double click on the given word, then it will displays the meaning of the word.

You can Download it Here: Google Dictionary

AdBlock For Chrome:

Now a days Ad’s became the major issue for the users.The ads in the webpages annoys most of the users. They are many type of ads in the websites likes banner ads, Video ads, Pop up ads and many more. And rate of ads in the websites has been increasing day by day. Even the sites likes Facebook, You tube also irritating users with the ads. So, For the better internet experience one has to get rid of these ads. AdBlock For chrome helps users for better internet experience by making the ads invisible in the websites.

You can Download Here: Adblock For Chrome

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RSS Subscription Extension (by Google):

RSS subscription is used to stay updated for your favourite websites. when ever a new article is updated in the website it will let you know about it. when you click on that it will automatically redirect you to the website.

You can Download it Here: RSS Subscription Extension (by Google)

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