4 Facebook tricks you should follow

facebook tips and tricks

Facebook is an amazing tool, and a way to connect with people, brands, and customers.  But it can also be frustrating!  Here are 4 facebook tips and tricks to help you navigate through a Facebook personal profile.

1. Facebook Post URL

facebook tips and tricks

Have you ever wanted to send a status to Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google+  Unless you have notifications on a person (i.e. close friends), you cannot get the URL.  But you can!

Click on the timestamp and it will open to the post page and you can copy the URL in your address bar!

2. Post Privacy

facebook tips and tricks

If you have a post that you want to change the privacy settings, you can do so by clicking on the icon of the current setting (world, lock, etc).  This is helpful if you want to share this publicly on another social media network (like above).  This will not impact your overall settings, just this specific post.

3. Most Recent – Desktop

facebook tips and tricks

One of the most frustrating and discussed issue on Facebook is the dreaded “top stories” vs “most recent” debates. You can find the most recent now located under your name on the left.
Click on “News Feed” and you can choose most recent from there.

Note:  In my experience, it is MORE recent, but may not be MOST recent as you will still have older posts in your timeline.

4. Most Recent – Mobile

facebook tips and tricks

Finding the most recent news feed on mobile is more difficult and does not change the overall view. Instead, it is hidden in the “More”option,much like your page or close friends views.  Once you click “More”, you can find “Most Recent” under your favorites.

The same note applies above, but this also does not allow you to have this as your standard view.