5 Awesome Security Tips For Your Android

There are a plenty of security applications in the Google Play store that help you defend your Android phone and offer choices that expand your possibilities of spotting your lost (or stolen) mobile.

Besides all the basic security tips like locking the mobile and SIM card, activating anti-theft in mobile. today im gonna show you some useful security tips for protecting your android.

Prey and Where’s My Driod:

Prey and Where’s My Droid are the two application with which you can send multiple command to your lost phone to execute the commands without your existence.

Android Device Manager:

Android Device Manager shows a list of all Android phones and tablets that are connected to
your Google Account and helps you locate them on a Google Map. You can
ring your phone (in case it is hiding somewhere you can’t spot) from the
browser, lock the device with a custom PIN or perform a factory reset
which permanently deletes all the data on your phone. The mobile should be connected to data connection either its may be a mobile data or WiFi

Anti-Theft Alarm:

When you are charging your cell phone at a public station, you either
have to watch the device all the time or you can activate the Anti-Theft Alarm
app and relax a bit. The app will trigger a siren sound when someone
disconnects the charger and your phone screen will flash continuously
until the correct pin is entered. You can go a step further and
configure the app to trigger an alert when someone moves the phone even a
few inches from the original position.

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Another Android App LockWatch
records the phone’s location and captures a picture with a front camera
when someone attempts to unlock the phone but enters a wrong PIN or
password. This information is send to your email address and it happen
silently so the intruder would never know that their activity has been

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