5 Softwares You Must Have In Your Windows PC

As windows is the mostly and commonly used operating systems in the world there are some essential things you need to follow up while using the windows PC.

Ofcourse windows is the most widely using operating system doesn’t mean that it’s quite good in every service that it has inbuilt.

Im gonna show you the 5 essential tools that you must have in your windows PC.

1. Tera Copy Application:

Windows has got a irritating feature in it, its copying the files. When you want to copy a file or twice to other destination, its no big deal but where as coming to copying of hundreds of files then it shows its originality. If there is problem with a file which is being copied it will stop all other files from being copied to another destination. If you went somewhere keeping hopes on windows that it will manage everything then you are wrong. It will be just sitting there doing nothing.
Tera Copy application has a solution for it. It will skip the file which has problem with in it and copies other files which are in queue. Saves lots of times of yours.

2. Process Explorer Application.

Windows has very good stability and consistency in its own programs but when coming to third-party applications its quite unstable. If you want to figure out which program is making your windows unstable that’s a bit irritating and you can end up with shutting down your system.
Even Task Manager of your system doesn’t do well in some conditions.
Process Explorer assists you about the services and process is running and which has to be terminated.

3. Revo Uninstaller:

The Uninstalling procedure of windows is a bit lengthy process and not only the uninstalling but also you have to delete other data of the application residing deeper of that application folders.
Revo Uninstaller help you uninstalling the application, removing Data entries, registry entries and all other data which is reside in deeper folders.

4. F.Lux Application:

F.Lux application is a kind of application which helps you protecting your health. Yes, it will take care of your wealth by tint condition of your monitor.
If you install F.Lux, it will change your monitor color according the time of your day, for example if it is night it change the monitor color to reddish tint which decreases your eye strain and helps you to get good sleep. If you are a computer insect it is best recommended for you.

5. Windirstat Application.

If you have lot of folders and lot of files in that folders then its quite difficult for you to track down which file is occupying big space of your drive. If you want to check out instantly you have to sit for a day or half to track down the files based on size.

If you install Windirstat it will help you in tracking down the files based on file size which saves you lot of time and you can move the large size files to another drive or disk.