5 Tips And Tricks To Boost Your Windows 7 PC Speed

The problem with windows 7 operating system is it will provide the far more services and at the same time the far more time consuming inner processing programs that will all the RAM slots and processor cycles.

For those who need few paragraphs of boosting windows 7 PC speed, this is for you

Optimize Your Programs:

Yes, you need to optimize your program list that eats up your pc speed. Try uninstalling the softwares/programs that are not in use. There are programs who still run behind the screen even if they are not in use and will make a break in your go by programs. So, its better to remove those programs which are not in use for this you can use some softwares like PC Decrapifier.

Clean Your PC:

Cleaning your PC doesn’t mean that you have to clean up it with water and soap but you need to clean it in the drives by deleting up the data which not in use or duplicated data or may be some temporary files. Temporary files are those files which are used at certain point of time to execute certain program and then its of no use. But, windows doesn’t clean it eventually, we our self has to clean it periodically. You may use softwares like CCleaner to delete unwanted data, cache and cookies or if you don’t prefer programs to clean your temporary data you can goto Start –> Run –> Type %temp% and press enter. Now you will get a window opened select all the files and delete them permanently.

Change Your Power Performance Settings To Maximumm:

The more you maximize the performance of the power settings the more fast your system will be, but if you want to save your electricity bill its not that much good choice. Control Panel > System and Security > Power Options. From here,
click on the left-panel choice “Create a power plan” and choose “High

Check The Viruses:

No matter how much configured your system is, the viruses will always degrade your systems performance unless you take any immediate precautions. DO install and update your anti-virus program and try checking for viruses one time or twice in couple of days. Try installing removable disks virus protecting softwares which helps you in detecting the viruses from removable disks as removable disks are primary source for viruses.

No Gadgets No Performance Degrade:

Try turning off all your desktop gadgets. Windows 7 discarded the genuine visual sidebar of past OS Windows Vista, however there’s still a sidebar procedure running in inside the Windows 7. Turn it off by writing “gadgets” in the start menu search bar, pick “View list of running gadgets” then select each and click Remove to close any gadgets you are not in need for.

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