AdSense Gets New Ad Sizes

adsense new ad sizes

Recently Google Adsense has announced the launch of 434,216,970,300 new ad unit sizes! Or in other words, Adsense just made it possible to create custom ad sizes to give you more flexibility and enable you to better design your content for your users.

Custom sized ads behave just like their standard size counterparts, showing a text or display ad depending on which is likely to have the best performance for the impression.

Text ads

For text ads, adsense ll determine the optimal number of text ads to display for a given impression, and show the ads the same way they appear inside standard sizes. google system predicts the value of each competing ad for every impression, based on historic performance and comparison across a variety of scenarios. For unique ad unit sizes, our system will need some time before it can optimize the number of ads shown. Please see google adsense blog post Understanding the dynamics of the AdSense auction – Part II for more information. Here are three examples of custom-sized ad units displaying text ads:

AdSense New Ad Sizes

Display ads

For display ads, google adsense system will determine the appropriate size ad to fit into the space you select; the selected ad will not be larger than the space requested. In the example below, we’ve shown the same three custom sizes as above, but this time with display ads. Please note that the dotted border is only present to show the total size of the ad unit, but won’t actually appear on your pages.

AdSense New Ad Sizes

To ensure that ads continue to deliver a positive user experience, adsense put a few restrictions in place around maximum and minimum pixels for ad sizes. Any custom ad size that falls outside of the restrictions won’t appear on a page. As always, all of your ads must adhere to the AdSense ad placement policies. Remember that users value your content, and that they appreciate a balance of content and ads, knowing that the ads support the content creator. Forcing too many ads into the users viewable screen is not likely to tempt them back to your site.

Ready to get started with custom ad sizes? Create an ad unit in the usual way, select “Custom ad size” from the Ad size drop-down and set the desired width and height for your ad unit in the process. Copy and paste the ad code into the HTML source code of your page where you’d like the ad to appear.

You can also find more information in our Help Center. We’re excited about the possibilities of these new custom ad sizes, and appreciate your ongoing feedback as we continue to improve this offering. Please feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions about this update on Adsense’s Google+ page.

Source:- Google Adsense official Blog.

Boasting larger real estate, Google’s newest ad units for AdSense, introduced today, are meant to showcase rich ad creatives.  The ad units are 970 x 250 Billboard and 300 x 1050 Portrait.
Due to their size, publishers can place just one of these units per page. While they are designed to house rich media ads, both of the new units can accommodate standard text ads as well as image ads.
As with other ad units, smaller-sized image ads may appear in within these new ad units to increase competition in the auction. For example, a 300 x 250 ad would serve in the 970 x 250 ad unit and a 160 x 600 would serve in the 300 x 1050 ad unit.
adsense new ad sizes