Facebook Pages New Timeline: A Streamlined Look for Pages

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Facebook with its habit of day by day changes in the timeline has bought the same habit to the pages too. Yes, facebook page timeline is going to rollout with a new design (You can see the preview of the new design from the above image).

Recent observations claims that facebook page admins are getting a option of Joining a waitlist notification in their page timeline, giving a hint that facebook page timeline is about to change.

Facebook is calling this update as A Streamlined Look for Pages and has released a news post about it at A Streamlined Look for Pages
Changing the placement of timeline posts to the right side of the page will unofficially telling us that no Highlight of post option is going to be entertained.
The post is saying that the new design has such features that admin uses mostly. Left side of the page has dedicated to the Photos, Videos, Maps, Website URL, business data etc..,
The post is also saying that No matter where you are in the page you can access the Notifications, Ads, Messages and new likes by adding new navigation bar on the top of the page which have direct access to Ads Manager Account.
Other options like Pages to watch, Likes, Reach, People etc., are will be located in the Overview sub-tab of Insights tab at the top of the page.
Every one is eager to get the new page timeline as many of the members who have already got this are giving a positive response.

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