First 10 Users of Facebook

First 10 Users of facebook

As facebook is now part of the 1.19 Billion monthly active users by 2013 records and we all will be very curios to know who are the first 10 users of facebook.

As we all know every member who signed up in facebook will get an unique ID number which is dedicated to them itself. However these numbers are not sequential. Below are the first 10 profiles of early facebook users.

You can click on the link to see their original facebook profiles or you can copy paste the URL in browser which are provided in brackets besides each profile name, which will redirect to their original profiles.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg created first 3 ID’s in order to test the website.

The 4th ID was created for Zuckerberg for Mark Zuckerberg ( himself.

The 5th and 6th ID’s are of facebook’s co-founders Chris Hughes ( and Dustin Moskovitz (

The 7th ID is of Arie Hasit ( who was zuckerberg’s room mate, its the zuckerberg who insisted him to create a profile.

The 8th ID is of Marcel Laverdet ( his ID number is 10 becuase 8 and 9 do not exist. He is a random user who created a facebook profile earlier in times and some of facebook workers noted his names for themselves.

The 9th ID is of Soleio Cuervo ( who was friend of Marcel Laverdet

The 10th ID is of Chris Putnam ( his ID numberis 13 as 12 doesn’t exist. Putnam was not a facebook member he was just in friendship with Marcel Laverdet and he created the ID. Later he got job in facebook with reference of Marcel Laverdet and you can see the smiley of putnam face in facebook by typing :putnam: in chat box.