Five Things You Have To Do In Facebook For Security

Facebook is a social networking website which is used by almost every technical person these days. In this criteria many members creates their facebook profile just for fun and somebody to play with others profiles. To survive from these hackers and spammers we oftenly search for methods to avoid from being hacked and spammed.

In fact I believe that there is no need of any separate methods to save our profile or information such as e-mail id or phone numbers which can cause any type of misuse if once they went into wrong hands.

So today im gonna share you a 5 tips in facebook to stay safe. Check ’em out.

1. Don’t Add Complete Strangers:

Never add a person who is complete stranger to you. Of-course facebook is to connect with other people but the facebook itself says that its for connecting with your people not with strangers. So it is better to avoid them completely rather than regretting later for adding them and losing your info or profile.

2. Keep Your Information To Only Me or Personal Friends:

As you know that facebook has lot of text boxes with lot of titles on it which asks you to provide your information. Well there will be some information about you which can be public and no need of privacy for those. But coming to information like E-Mail, Mobile Number, Facebook E-Mail, its very sensitive and should be revealed to our known members only. So keep information like these in “Only Me” mode or “Custom Mode” to your friends.

3. Never Open Facebook In Normal Browsers of Cafe Centers, Use In Incognito Window:

Facebook always tries to keep you safer but in some cases the browsers does the whole damn thing. Sometimes even if you didn’t saved your password it will log in as you when you open the same browser once after you closed it. It doesn’t make any problem if its your PC but when you visit the internet centers and if you forgot to logout or if there is a power cut, the matter rises up. So whenever you visit facebook from other computers try opening Incognito window of the browser (Contains this option in almost every browser) which never saves your cookies information in the PC. So even if you closed it accidentally you have to log in again. Safer right?

4. Enable Text Messages:

Enabling text messages do a lot of favor to you. It sends messages of your facebook inbox through text messages, sends login information and notifications. Apart from messages and notifications, receiving log in information is very helpful because even if somebody open’s your account without your knowledge, there is a chance you can log on to your account and you can change your password becuse you had received a text message in your mobile. You can enable this service by going to Facebook Mobile

5. Don’t Click On Unknown Links or Zip Files:

Technology has developed to that point where there are some links and if you click on a certain link, the link collects all your cookies information and sends it to the person who sent the link. And then he can easily access your account and you can’t even get to know. So, its better if you don’t click on any links that are sent by unknown members. These days Zip files are also playing big role in hacking, the intruders will just send you the zip files naming it as ‘facebook new theme’ or something interesting and when you download and extract it, GONE! I even suggest you if you are asked to enter your password in non-facebook sites, ignore them and I will suggest you to change your password periodically.