How to edit your blogger template effectively

This is certain that whoever creates an blogger profile has to edit their template one or other time for the need of any change in template or for the cause of any widget edition.
But many of the members don’t know how to edit their template effectively and regrets when something wrong happens.
Today I’ll show you how to edit an blogger template effectively so that if any mistake takes place there should be nothing to worry about.

Step 1

1. Go to your Blogger Account –› Select your Blog –› Click on Template.

2. Now click on   button on the top of the page.

3. Now click on and save it to your computer.

Step 2.

1. Go to your Blogger Account.
2. Create a New Blog (This will be your temporary blog).
3. Now Click on Posts and create any 10 or 15 dummy posts in your temporary blog.
4. Now come back to Dashboard and Click on Template.

5. Now click on   button on the top of the page.

6. Now upload the Main blog template that you have downloaded previously in step 1.
7. After the successful upload click on Edit HTML.
8. Edit whatever you want and Save it.
9. Now Download the template that you have edited and upload it to your Main blog.
10. There goes you have edited your template without any risks.

Note: If you are good enough experienced in editing the blogger template then you can directly edit without creating a New blog. This article is for those who are tensed to edit their template on the main blog itself. You can Backup your template, edit it and save it and can restore it if you made any mistake.