How To Lock Your Whatsapp With Password

As we all know whatsapp is the mostly used messaging service in the world with which we can send photos, videos, text endlessly. But do you really think all your data is secured in your mobile? Well, if you sk me the same question my answer will be definitely no. Because whatsapp is the most commonly used service and commonly unsecured service too.

So what to do onorder to protect your data? As whatsapp has not taken any steps regarding this we obviously have to depend upon third party apps.

Today im  gonna introduce you some app with which you can secure your wahtapp data.

1. WhatsApp Lock For Android: 

WhatsApp Lock is an awesome app which can protect your whatsapp messages and data with a 4 character pin. Its has very easy interface and also easy to install. The best facility in this app is it will capture a image of intruder who tried to access your whatsapp account. Go and try it now in play store

2. WhatsApp For Blackberry:

WhatsApp Lock app in not only in android but in blackberry too with name Lock For WhatsApp. You can download it here

3. WhatsApp For iPhone:

I regret to say that still there are no app that can lock whatsapp. There are many other third party apps still available in iPhone store but all are absolutely fake and does nothing but spam. So, I highly don’t recommend any of these . I will pass on you the info if I get to know about any of these genuine apps to lock whatsapp.

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