How to schedule your posts in Google+

schedule posts in Google+

In this day by day busy life, one cannot make time for all the social networking websites to spend the time and more over if you have any pages or communities you have to spend spend some time no matter how busy you are.

For this case obviously we need a tool that can post something we want in our pages or communities or groups whenever we want regardless of time we post.

Many social networking websites are already providing some scheduling posts tool in order to make the consistency level equal. Because when you are consistent in your group, your group’s consistency will never fall down. For this consistency you have to post regularly in the pages or groups. What if you are a busy person and can’t able to make time for any website.

Many websites like Blogger, Facebook, Pinterest etc., are already providing this facility to the users so that they can schedule their posts in the time of free.

But Google+ is not yet ready for this service so we have to consult third party features which im going to show below.

There are two methods to schedule your posts in Google+.

1. Do Share Extension For Google Chrome.

Do Share Extension is a google chrome extension which lets you to create posts and manage them how ever you want. It a tool bar extension that you have to download it after downloading in google chrome. 
Do Share Extension is only avaiable for google chrome users which can be started after clicking on its icon on tool bar. I can also provide you the facility of managing your pages and profile.
You can save your posts as drafts, you can schedule it for the time and you can choose your circles too as shown in below image
Only drawback of this extension is, as we know this is an browser dependent extension you cannot use it as a handy feature and your browser should be running when the schedules posts are about to post.

2. Buffer.

May be many of you are aware of buffer but im sure that you are not aware of this statement that Buffer has extended his support with Google+. As it is already providing the scheduling facilities to may of website like Facebook, Twiiter, Linked in etc., which is just like HootSuite. Now you can also schedule your posts of google+ in Buffer.
Over Do share this Buffer has some advantage, that is, it doesn’t need your browser in running condition when your posts are going to publish.