How To Set Pattern Lock For Windows PC Like Android

Do you know that almost 75% of people who are using android are using pattern lock for their android mobiles? May be you already know about this because probably you too be one of them. Because of its high end security that cannot be hacked it has already won the lot of hearts who are using android mobiles.

What if, if I say that this pattern lock is also available for your windows pc? Amazed right? Me too. Well let me explain about its awesome features and download link.

Awesome features of Windows Pattern Lock:

• Auto-lock when computer is idle

• Lock the computer when windows startup

• Turnoff the monitor based on your choice

• You can set your own picture as background

• Lock screen transparency

• You can make your custom message as I have made “Unlock it if you can”

• Support multiple monitors

• Use the dynamic password technology to prevent key loggers.

So excited to download right? Click the download button below to download