How To Install Alexa Widget In Blogger In Just 1 Minute

install alexa widget in just 1 min

I believe that there is no need of introduction of alexa website to a website owner. However let me explain a few words about alexa. Alexa is a web information company which provides you the information of desired website, like website’s rank in whole over the world or the rank of the website in country which it belongs to.
Its absolute that most of the visitors who check out our websites checks alexa rank to confirm whether we are genuine or not. Making them it easy we are going to install the alexa widget in our website itself in just 1 minute. And for another cause installing alexa widget in our website also helps in boosting the rank. So lets move to the installing part.
Step 1 (10 Seconds): Go to this Widget Link
Step 2 (5 Seconds): Enter your website name and press Build Widget button (see the image below)
Step 3 (10 Seconds): Copy the code of desired size widget (see the image below)
Step 4 (20 Seconds): Go to your Blogger home –> Select your blog–> Dashboard –> Layout –> Click on Add a Gadget (see the image below)
Step 5 (10 Seconds): Scroll down and find for
HTML/JavaScript and click on

Add next to it. (see the image below)

Step 7 (5 Seconds): And now paste the copied code in content box and enter title in title box (title is a optional case for this type of widgets) and save it. Thats it you have installed alexa widget in your blog successfully in just a min.