Protect Your Android From Dangerous Virus Dendroid

Is your android fully protected? Do you have max protection for your android? Well if you ask the same question to me my answer will be a absolute No. Even though I have lot of security app like anti virus and malware protectors my android is still in entry point of dead zone.

If you ask me about the reason my first reason will be the most dangerous virus Dendroid which is passing enormously in India with high speed. Computer Emergency Response Team of India (CERT) is passed some advisory instruction about the Dendroid.

What Is Dendroid?

Dendroid is a virus belonging to the deadly ‘Trojan’ family, once activated, it can change the command and control server of Android phone.

How is it deadly?

The CERT recently said that “It has been reported that a malicious toolkit called Dendroid is being used to create trojanised applications that infects Android-based smartphones. The malware is created by modifying the required permissions by any APK (Android Application Package) with Dendroid RAT functionality that allows detailed management of the infected devices,”

What Happens If My Android Gets Affected With Dendroid?

  1. Your SMS are going to be tracked.
  2. Your call logs are intercepted.
  3. Intruders can dial any number, send data receive data through internet.
  4. Can delete the data in your mobile through remote methods.
  5. Can open web pages.
  6. Can record your calls and audio and many more
  7. One word, you will be under monitoring.

What should I do to stay away from Dendroid?

A few simple steps and you are completely protected.
  1. Do not download APK (Android Application Package Kit) from third party sources. What ever the app you download it must be from Play Store itself.
  2. Check for the permission that are asked by application during installation. If you fine any suspected request for permissions, ignore the app try for alternative.
  3. Try scanning your mobile device daily for trojans and malwares.
  4. Do not connect to free wifi in public places which can lead to unwanted data distribution without our knowledge.
  5. Try visiting websites which has secured SSL connections.
  6. Do not crawl for application Android update and application patches from third party vendors
  7. Last but not least try using secured encrypted SD card feature for androids.

Following these steps which are ignored by us usually can lead to peaceful journey in android life.

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