How To Set Custom Header Tags For Better SEO In Blogger

Bloggers developers and programs are highly concentrating on providing best services to the bloggers in order to make their blogs more SEO friendly. They have invented many strategies like robots.txt and webmaster tool. Within this another name in the list is Custom header tags.

Uses of setting the custom header tags is it is more SEO friendly, it helps in deciding which part of the website should be indexed and which should not and it will also helps in increasing the Page’s rank and gaining more organic traffic from search engines.

As this is optional you can leave this without any settings but remember there will be a difference.

Now i  will show you how to set Custom Header Tags to your blogger

Step 1: Go to your dashboard and select your blog

Step 2: Click on Settings

Step 3:  Click on Search preferences
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Step 4: Click on Edit which is beside the option Custom robots header tags ?
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Step 5: Now tick on all the options which i have ticked below.
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Step 6: Now click on Save changes. Thats it you have set your Custom Header Tags in your blogger for better SEO.

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