Telegram App: 5 Million New Members In 1 Day

Pavel Durov, founder, Telegram

Telegram, a free messenger app for iPhone and android tweeted yesterday that over 4.95 Million users has joined in app due to the outage of Whatspp server.

  After the announcement of acquisition of Whatsapp by facebook, a large number of people are diverting to Telegram app which certainly facing server issues and has tweeted that they got some server down time and they are about to add some servers which take some time.

Telegram was launched by Nikolai Durov and Pavel Durov for iPhone in august 2013 and for Android in October 2013. Telegram users can send encrypted Photos, Videos, Texts and Documents to each other which cannot be intercepted by others. Telgram was having 100,000 users before the 5millions users flooded up.