Top 8 Features of Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung will launch the Galaxy S5 on February 24, the very first day of Mobile World Congress 2014. It will be the first huge smart mobile phone launch of the year and will set the benchmark for opponent handsets to be started in this year.

Come lets check the Top 10 Likely Features of Samsung Galaxy S5

1. 5.25 Inch Big AMOLED Display Screen

Samsung Galaxy S5 is likely to have 5.25 inch big display screen and reports say that it featured with the first Edge-Edge Display.

2. 16MP Camera.

Featured with 16 Mega Pixel rear cam and 3.2 Mega pixel front cam Galaxy S5 is literally gonna touch us with a SLR thought. It is also capable of optical image stabilization, slow-motion recording and 4K (Movie theatre quality) recording.

3. Metal and Plastic Body Casing.

Reports says that S5 is likely to be available with two different types of cases. First one the Metal body case and the next one is of Plastic body case, apparently plastic body case S5 is lower in cost than Metal body piece.

4. Finger Print Sensor. 

Like as iPhone 5S Samsung is also featured with finger print sensor and will be useful of unlocking the phone. Rumors claim that its has two sensor at left-bottom and right-bottom and it also has the feature of eye-scanner.

5. Water and Dust Resistant.

Samsung is required to make Galaxy S5 cell phone impervious to both clean and water. It has even indicated this characteristic in a later teaser movie for the cell phone, demonstrating a youngster sprinkling in the water. 

6. High End User Interface.

Galaxy S5 is prone to be started preloaded with Android 4.4, the most recent variant of the working framework. Samsung is relied upon to tweak the Touchwiz client interface it has utilized since 2010 as a part of favour of another, less jumbled custom skin. 

7. Better 3D Gaming.

Reports have claimed that Galaxy S5 will use new multi-hovering technology, aimed at improving users’ 3D gaming experience. The hovering technology will enable the smartphone better identify multiple finger movements from 3cm away from the touchscreen.

8. Battery. 

Samsung is required to utilize a 3,200mah battery as a part of Galaxy S5, contrasted with the 2,600mah battery of Galaxy S4. The new telephone is likewise anticipated that will have quick charging innovation, which will permit it to get charged quicker than other devices.