Full Form of TGT: What is a TGT , Benefits, Qualification, Eligibility criteria

In addition to the educational aspects and learning activities in the classroom. Teachers play an important role in the lives of students. Teachers have the power to build personality and destroy the child’s inner spirit. It helps shape the morale, personality and professional life of all children. Most of people’s lives are characterized by morals … Read more

Full Form of NIIT : History, Training Centers, Main Business Lines

NIIT stands for National Institute of Information Technology.. NIIT Limited is an Indian multinational company that provides management and training solutions to institutions, businesses and individuals. There are three major issues in the world: Skills and Career Group (SNC), Corporate Learning Group (CLG), and School Learning Group (SLG). NIIT’s IT services business was integrated into … Read more

Full Form of PDF: Portable, Accessible, Advantages

 The full format of PDF is the Portable Document Format. PDF is a file format developed by Abode in the 1990s to display files such as text and image formats, regardless of application software, hardware, or operating system. In other words, it is a type of file without a program, hardware, or operating system that is used … Read more

Full Form of TRP: What is TRP, How TRP is calculated

TRP stands for Television Rating Point . The TRP of a channel or program depends on the program being displayed. The TRP rate is the value at which the TRP of the TV channel is calculated. These numbers are considered examples of common television owners in various geographic and demographic sectors. TRP allows advertisers and investors to … Read more

Full Form of ITI: What is ITI, Courses Types, Eligibility Criteria

 The full form of ITI is the Industrial Training Institute. This is an Indian secondary school belonging to the Directorate General of Employment Training (DGET) of the Ministry of Labor and Employment of the Government of India. Responsible for providing industry-related training to post-high school students and is applicable to students who have completed the … Read more

Full Form of CSE: Computer Science Engineering, Subjects, Work, carrier options

 The full form of CSE is computer science engineering. Computer Science Engineering, also known as CSE, is an engineering discipline that integrates the various areas of computer science needed to develop computer systems. This is one of the most popular subjects today and many science students follow it after graduating from high school. This topic requires … Read more

Full Form of DCA: Diploma in Computer Application, Eligibility, Jobs

 DCA is a one-year diploma in the field of computer applications, involving the study of many computer applications, such as MS Office, Internet applications, operating systems, database management systems (DBMS), HTML and other subjects.  To apply for any diploma from the School of Computer Applications, candidates must have a high school degree or equivalent in any subject, and have a grade of at least 40%. Courses include basic computer skills, MS Office applications, basic Internet knowledge, e-commerce, PC assembly and problem solving.  The course is offered domestically, and the average cost for the entire period ranges from 5,000 Indian rupees to 30,000 Indian rupees. The possible salary for successful diploma holders in this subject is 2-5 Indian rupees per year.  … Read more

Full Form of CA: Chartered Accountant Roles, Salary, Eligibility Criteria, Packages

 CA is considered one of the most demanding professions. It is very useful for the overall growth of the economy. The market has become so dynamic that the role of CA as a financial advisor has increased.  It not only helps to understand the complex rules and regulations related to financial matters, but also helps to assist and manage the financial area of ​​the organization. In this article, we will discuss this professional institution.  We will cover the complete form of CA, the meaning or long form of CA, roles, steps to … Read more

Full Form of GST: Meaning, Different types, History, Direct, Indirect Tax

 The government of every country needs a steady stream of revenue to enable the country to play its truest role, and taxation is the main source of this revenue. The taxes collected by the government are ultimately spent on the public of the country. There are two main types of taxes in India, namely direct taxes and indirect taxes.  Direct tax is basically an income tax levied on a person’s income, which comes from various sources, such as house rent, wages, etc. Increase the global margin price of related goods or services. In India, this is called GST (Goods and Services Tax). It applies to the supply of goods and services in India. What … Read more

Full Form of CID :Eligibility criteria, Types of Job Roles, branches , Opportunities

The Full Form of CID is the Crime Investigation Department of the Indian National Police. It is a unit of the police department and is led by ADG (Additional Director of Police Department). CID is headquartered in Pune, and the government handles specific cases handed over by the Indian government and DGP (Chief of Police). In 1902, the British government cooperated with the Police Commission to develop CID to maintain social law and order. Police officers in this department usually wear ordinary clothing and are classified into different levels according to their positions. These police officers claim to be CIDs or detectives.  In 1929, this police force was divided into a special unit, the Criminal Investigation Bureau (CB-CID) and the Criminal … Read more