Full Form of DCA: Diploma in Computer Application, Eligibility, Jobs

 DCA is a one-year diploma in the field of computer applications, involving the study of many computer applications, such as MS Office, Internet applications, operating systems, database management systems (DBMS), HTML and other subjects. 

To apply for any diploma from the School of Computer Applications, candidates must have a high school degree or equivalent in any subject, anhave a grade of at least 40%. Courses include basic computer skills, MS Office applications, basic Internet knowledge, e-commerce, PC assembly and problem solving. 

The course is offered domestically, and the average cost for the entire period ranges from 5,000 Indian rupees to 30,000 Indian rupees. The possible salary for successful diploma holders in this subject is 2-5 Indian rupees per year

After completing the diploma of the computer application course, you can continuto study in related fields, or you can choose the computer application diploma to engage in accounting, database management, basic computer applications, software development, computer operators and other fields.


What is the Full form of DCA?

The term DCA stands for  diploma in computer applications. This is a one-year computer diploma or course. This course aims to provide students with basic, realistic and technical details related to programming tools and applications used in daily life. Intermediate or twelfth classes from an accredited board of directors or any branch of the university are necessary qualifications required for the program.

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Admission in  Diploma in Computer Application 

For admission information, students must visit the university or the university’s website. The application form and admission process usually take place between April and June. At some universities, graduates can also complete a DCA. In this case, the PG degree will be the final admission. No further entrance exams are required to enroll in this course program. Admission fee:

For admission procedures, application fees, tuition fees, curriculum, etc., please visit the university website.

Admission begins in April and lasts until June.

Candidates are selected as final candidates for the DCA course based on the degree or bachelor’s degree and p of the 10th to 12th grade candidates.

 Eligibility for Diploma in Computer Application Eligibility

Candidates must meet qualification criteria before qualifying for a computer science diploma course. They can enroll in a course according to a specific selection process that depends on the institution offering the DCA Computer Science course. Access to all of India is as follows:

Candidates wishing to take a Computer Application Diploma (DCA) course must have completed and passed 102 High School from an accreditation body.

Also, choosing a 10th grade computer as a staple food or elective will give students an advantage over other computers.

No further admission criteria have been specified for the applicant. No minimal cut is required. However, qualified candidates will be prioritized.

Some of DCA’s most popular research Subjects

  • Basic internet concepts
  • Computer Fundamentals
  • Introduction to programming
  • Programming in C
  • RDBMS & Data Management
  • Multimedia
  • Corel draw
  • Tally ERP 9.0
  • Photoshop

Jobs profile after DCA

  • Accountant
  • Web designer
  • Software developer
  • Computer operator and so on.
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