Full Form of PGDCA: What is PGDCA?, Types ,Admission Process, Eligibility Criteria

PGD​​CA stands for Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application.. This course lasts for a year in the field of computer science. The course is divided into two semesters, each lasting six months. This course is offered by many UGC-accredited universities and colleges in India. This course will cover the basics of computer science. It consists of programming languages ​​such as JAVA and C and packages such as Tally, oracle VB, web design, systems analysis, data processing, MS-DOS and Windows OS.

Graduates from all disciplines are eligible for the course. The main agenda of this course is to provide computer science expertise and develop students’ technical, professional and communication skills. Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to find employment in IT companies, the banking sector, the healthcare industry, the entertainment sector and more.

These graduate students engage in duties such as programmers, PHP developers, Oracle PL / SQL developers, quality analysts, IT specialists, technology engineers, technical consultants, software developers, and graphic designers.

They are used in areas such as educational institutions, space research institutes, hospitals, healthcare, pharmaceutical and biotechnology, the chemical industry, environmental management and conservation, forensic crime investigations, research firms and laboratories.

What is PGDCA?

It is a one-year specialized course in computer applications that provides knowledge of computer applications or computer science.

The program deals with the theoretical and practical aspects of computer software, its applications and development. During the course, students study subjects such as operating systems, database management systems, and web programming. Candidates who complete the course can do a variety of jobs in the software industry.

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Candidates can take the PGDCA course in remote or normal mode. Popular institutions that offer this program on a regular basis include the University of Delhi and the University of Sardar Patel. PGD ​​CA distance courses can be studied at institutions such as Dibrugarh University and IGNOU.

Why You Should Study PGDCA? 

There are many reasons to support the idea of ​​adopting PGD CA as a carrier option. Here are some of the main reasons for taking a PGD CA course:

Time Saving: PGDCA is a one-year graduate program that provides a viable career option compared to other similar courses such as MTech and MCA that last for two years. The PGDCA course consists of an extensive curriculum that not only saves time, but also helps provide fierce competition to students in other courses.

 Low Satisfaction-In any specialty course, students usually choose a master’s degree rather than a diploma. This makes the PGDCA course an excellent career option in terms of relatively low skills compared to other specialized courses.

 Preference Bias: Companies hiring recent graduates will prefer PGDCA daily to BTech graduates as BTech graduates expect more salary packages than PGDCA internships.

Types of PGDCA

The above PGDCA programs are available in normal mode and remote mode, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. PGD ​​CA distance learning courses are inexpensive and students can enroll locally or near the center.

Method for PGDCA Admission

Candidates who want to take the course in the full sense of pgdca must take the entrance exam to qualify for the course. Most institutions also offer interviews for admission procedures. Some institutions will re-accept direct admissions based on the candidate’s undergraduate or graduate achievements. Therefore, the admission procedure differs for each university.

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Eligibility Criteria

There are several institutions that offer PGDCA, but the eligibility criteria for PGDCA are not uniform across all of these institutions. For example, IK Gujral Punjab Technical University does not have a cut-off point for entrance qualification exams, but candidates for the same course at Dibrugarh University must obtain at least 40% of their qualifications on the graduate exam. (‘A 5% reduction in minimum score applies to candidates in the reserved category.

Second, in some cases, the institute specifies strict age limits for admission as part of the PGDCA eligibility criteria. Mandy’s Barab Government College is a good example of an applicant must not be over 26 years old (28 years old for girls). Therefore, it is important for applicants to review the required PGDCA eligibility criteria before applying for the PGDCA program.

Candidates who want to take a course that has the meaning of pgdca must first meet the qualification criteria for studying the course. The rules that a candidate must follow are:


  • You need to complete the graduation ceremony at a reputable university.
  • Formal math training is required for a minimum of 102-4 years.
  • Candidates for the last year of graduation are also eligible for the course.
  • Some universities have their own rules. If a candidate wants to study at such a university, he must meet the requirements of the university.

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