How to Change/Generate HDFC Bank ATM Pin Via Online, ATM , Mobile App

Nowadays, almost most of us do not just have a savings account, but there can be a lot and with them, the Quintessential Debit ATM card. And as it can happen to someone, if you also lost your HDFC debit card, after reporting the loss or theft of the bank’s financial instrument to obtain the same blocked and archive for the same, you can prevent it from being reminded.

And instead I prefer to transfer online funds (assuming you have accredited your salary or another important amount in this particular bank account) to other savings accounts to be withdrawn in cash and other transactions.

While these debit cards come with some annual costs for use, maintenance, etc., if they are optimally used, they also reward us. For example, for example, as part of the festival treatment, NPCI recently announced a discount to 65% in purchasing of various branding articles, as well as a large number of services ranging from health to education.

And now, if you also had a rupay HDFC card before you lost it, you won’t be able to touch these offers.  Therefore, it is suggested here, again the methods to request the HDFC debit card or obtain the reissued HDFC Bank debit card. According to the HDFC Bank website, customers can request the reissue of cum ATM debit cards through multiple channels. Below are all these forms:

Requirements for HDFC Bank ATM PIN Generation 


  • HDFC  ATM card
  • HDFC  ATM PIN received on the welcome cell (when first active using the welcome cell after opening an account)
  • 6-digit HDFC OTP received by the bank via SMS (when the newly received debit card is activated with the OTP sent by the bank)
  • Registered mobile number (to receive OTP or call customer service number if using telephone banking option)
  • HDFC Mobile Banking Registration (when using a mobile application to generate an ATM PIN)
  • HDFC Net Banking Registration (when using the Net Banking Option)
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Steps To generate HDFC ATM PIN Via ATM machine

  • Log in to NetBanking and click on the Cards tab
  • Go to the Card menu-debit card
  • On the Request tab, select Regenerate PIN, select your debit card number to continue
  • Select “Reason” and confirm that you will receive the OTP with the registered mobile phone number
  • Receive OTP via SMS with your registered mobile phone number
  • Insert your ATM / debit card into your HDFC Bank ATM
  • Select “Create a new one-time ATM PIN” at the bottom of the language selection screen.
  • Enter the “6-digit OTP” received by SMS and press [OK].
  • Enter the registered mobile phone number and press [OK]
  • Enter and confirm the new 4-digit PIN you selected

Steps To generate HDFC ATM PIN Via Mobile App

  • Download the HDFC mobile application and sign up
  • Log in to your HDFC application with your password
  • Then click the Menu option (≡) in the upper left corner.
  • Then touch the “Payment” option
  • Then select the Card option in the drop-down list
  • On the next screen, the card details will be displayed on the screen.
  • Click on the card details to go to the next screen
  • Then tap the PIN Settings option
  • Enter the mobile phone number you registered now
  • Enter the OTP sent by the bank to your registered mobile number
  • Create a new 4-digit HD FCAT MPIN now
  • Re-enter the PIN for your newly created ATM debit card
  • HDFCATM debit card PIN generated successfully

Steps To generate HDFC ATM PIN Via Online 

  • Access the HDFC Net Banking Portal
  • Log in to your online banking account using your user ID and password
  • Then select the Map option from the menu in the top navigation bar
  • Then you will see some additional options from the left.
  • Select the Request option and click Generate Instant PIN
  • Then select the ATM card for which you want to generate a PIN
  • Enter the new 4-digit ATMPIN twice and click Continue
  • On the next screen, click the Continue button to confirm your PIN generation request
  • You need to confirm the registered mobile phone number
  • Then enter the OTP sent to your registered mobile number to complete the process
  • HDFC ATM PIN generation process completes successfully
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