How to check axis bank credit card application status in few minutes ?

Axis Bank offers many credit cards. Customers can use Axis bank credit card service as per their requirement. You can apply for an Axis bank credit card online without going to the bank, and now the whole process is online. It is the online process from application to approval of receipt of the card. If you have applied for an Axis Bank credit card before and want to review your Axis Bank credit card application, this guide is for you. In this guide, you will find a temporary procedure to check the status of your Axis Bank debit card.

What you need to check the status of your Axis Bank credit card application


  • Support Number If you apply online, you must have a 20-character Support ID. If applying offline by branch, you must have a 9-digit Support ID. You will receive this number by SMS from Axis Bank the next day / day of the debit card.
  • If you do not have an application ID, you will need a PAN card and a mobile phone number provided at the time of application.


How to verify Axis Bank debit card online?


  • Step 1: Open Axis Bank credit card to find the website on your computer/smartphone.
  • Step 2: You will see a map to track your Axis Bank credit card status. First, select Chuk Bank credit card status verification process (App ID method or PAN card/mobile phone).
  • Step 3: Now enter your 20-digit Application Number using the 9-digit Application Number or ID. Enter your app id to track dc axis bank.
  • Step 4: If you choose the second option, enter your PAN card and cell phone number provided at the time of application.
  • Step 5: After entering all the details, click on the Submit button to check the status.
  • Step 6: You can now see the status of your Axis Bank debit card application.
  • Step 7: In my case it is marked as denied. This means my application was not approved and I will not receive the card. You can find out why your card is not accepted by calling the contact number. Check axis dc status online.
  • Step 8: Your application is reviewed when it says “In Progress”. Please allow 5-7 days to review the final version of your application.
  • ┬áStep 9: “Show” means your debit card has been approved and your debit card is displayed on the screen.
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How to identify the Axis Bank bank card by SMS?

Axis Bank sends an SMS to the applicant’s phone number whenever there is a change. You will receive a text message to your mobile phone informing you of the status of your application by application number, application submission, application review and ultimately rejection or denial.


  • Open the SMS app on your phone. Look for Axis Bank SMS in inbox.axis cc status via SMS.
  • Now you can see your happy debit card via SMS.


How to Track Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card Status?

Flipkart Axis bank credit card is a special card provided by banks with many features. Find out how to request an Axis Flipkart card. When applying for a debit card, you can use the above method or track your application status through the Flipkart app.


  • Open the Flipkart app and tap the menu icon.
  • Tap the My Account option from the menu.
  • Then tap on the Flipkart Axis credit card option.
  • Now you can view app status card with app id.



You can stay at home and check the status of your Axis debit card online. If you have any questions about cc tracker, feel free to ask them in the comments below.

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