SBI account statement online download in Easiest method

Today, SBI online services are all the rage. By verifying your bank account number with the exchange branch, you can do this online at SBI. One of these services is an online map for your account. Online access to the SBI account is provided to all Internet Banking users. Also, the online publication does not need to be signed and used as a valid document. This article walks you through the process of uploading your SBI statement online, complete with the appropriate image.

We are often asked for our bank details. This information is important, especially when withdrawing a loan. SBI customers can do this online. let’s see what happens

Step by step procedure for downloading SBI account statement online

There are two ways to upload online messages to your sbi account.


  • through online banking
  • From the SBI Yono Lite app


Let’s see how to download your messages online using these two options.

Method 1 – Download SBI Online Banking Information Online


  • Here’s an easy way to upload your financial statements online. You can do this on your phone. Just follow these simple steps:
  • Open on your phone/computer.
  • Log in to your account using your Internet Banking username and password.
  • In the menu item, navigate to the My Account & Profile tab.
  • Click on the Account Statement option that appears on the new screen [Easiest Way] Download SBI Account Statement Online 1
  • Now select the account number and the time slip you want to download. The statement period cannot exceed one year.
  • Click to view your statement.
  • The current reading appears on the screen. At the bottom of the section, you will see a notice saying “If your company has more than 150 people, please verify all statements in key information with number XXXXXXX”.
  • These notices indicate that if there are more than 150 changes in the selected period, you can download the entire statement from the Important Guide.
  • To download a statement with changes, click the Select key information option on the left of the quick menu
  • Now you can see the list of complaints with app ID in the new screen.
  • It takes a few minutes to generate all the statements. On creation, the request ID changes from Pending to Working. When you are done, click on your application ID to view your sbi application online.
  • You can download the pdf of the article by scrolling to the bottom of the article and clicking the download button.
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Method 2 Download SBI Account Terms Online Using SBI Yono Lite App


  • Here is a way to download your sbi online account on your phone. The SBi Everywhere app lets you do it in minutes. let’s see how
  • Open the SBI Anywhere app on your phone. Log in with your Internet Banking username and password or a simple password.
  • On the main screen, tap My Account.
  • Now Click View/Download List Options [Easiest Way] Download SBI Account Statement Online 5
  • Select your account number, then set the period for which you want to download the terms.
  • When done, click the download button to download [Easiest Way] Download SBI Account Statement Online 6
  • When prompted, your phone grants permission to store information.
  • A pop-up message will now appear on the screen indicating that the message has been processed.
  • Now select the pdf viewer app from the list and draw the downloaded pdf. You can print the SBI account statement online by downloading the pdf file at any time.

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