Syndicate bank mobile banking activation in few minutes

Syndicated Bank is a national bank. The bank has all the facilities of a digital bank to help its customers. All shared users can take advantage of these digital accounts and save time. One of those places is mobile cooking. This guide explains how to activate Syndicate Bank Mobile Banking. Syndicate Bank Mobile Banking Open

What you need to sign up for Syndicate Bank Mobile Banking


  • Internet banking or ATM card to create MPIN.
  • Valid phone number (must be a bank account number)
  • Internet connection on smartphone using mobile app.


Syndicate Bank Mobile Banking Activation Procedure Procedure

To activate the Syndicated Mobile Banking feature, you must first create an MPin. There are two ways to use Mpin Internet Banking.

Method 1 Using MPIN via Internet Banking


  • 1) First, visit the Syndicate Bank Internet Banking website
  • 2) Now log in with your Internet Banking number and password. If you can’t access Syndicate Banking, follow our guide on how to sign up for Syndicate Bank Internet Banking.
  • 3) On the Internet Banking Dashboard, click on Customer Service in the top menu.
  • 4) Click on the Mobile Banking enrollment option in the left menu.
  • 5) On the next screen, enter your account number and mobile number and click the Next button.
  • Creating syndicated mobile banking mpin using internet banking
  • 6) Complete the request by entering the export package and entering the exchange number. 7) Now you can get MPin on your phone via SMS. Save this mpin for future use.
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Method 2 Get MPin from a bank

You can use mpin in bank branches. Simply complete the Syndicate Bank mobile banking activation form and submit it to the appropriate administrator.

Method 3 Get MPin at ATM

1) Insert your ATM card into the nearest Syndicate Bank ATM.

2) After entering the ATM PIN, select Register for Mobile Banking.

3) Enter the cell phone number for mobile banking.

4) Now you can receive OTP on mobile. Enter this OTP on the screen to confirm your request.

5) Create MPin on mobile via SMS. Save this MPin for future use.

Once you have received your MPIN through one of these three methods, go to Activate Syndicate Bank Mobile Banking.

Step 1 Download SyndMobile app from Playstore/Appstore.

Download SyndMobile for Android

Download SyndMobile for iPhone

Step 2 After downloading the app, enter the mobile number you used to create your MPin.

Step 3 You will now see an activation code for your phone. Enter this code to confirm your connection.

Step 4 On the next screen, you need to enter the Mpin you created earlier and click Enter.

Step 5 On the new screen, the app will prompt you to access NEW Mpin. Enter the new mpin of your choice twice. Step 6 Now you can access the application using your login password. Use your MPIN to make changes in the app.

With these simple steps, you can easily perform Syndicate Bank Mobile Banking activation from your phone itself.


Activating Syndicate Bank Mobile Banking is a very simple process on your phone. You need to create an Mpin which can be done online, by mobile phone or at an ATM. Once you have created an mpin, you can download and launch the app to do all your banking through the mobile app.

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